A smile full of teeth looks good, helps you speak and chew properly, and makes it easier to maintain good oral health. If your missing teeth are causing you to miss out on these benefits, consider visiting Driggers & Baker Family Dentistry in West Columbia, Texas. Their team of dental experts can fit you with a bridge to bring your smile back to shape. 

Bridge Q & A

What’s a bridge?

A bridge is a prosthetic device that permanently replaces a missing tooth or teeth, literally “bridging” the gap between teeth. It’s composed of a fake tooth, called a “pontic,” and crowns on either side that hold the pontic in place. The crowns are anchored to “abutments (adjacent teeth),” which can be dental implants or an existing root structure. Bridges can be made from ceramics, metals, or a combination of the two to suit your unique needs and preferences.

What are the advantages of a bridge?

Simply put, your mouth works better with all of its teeth. Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern, they can also impair the functioning of your mouth and your overall oral health by:

Throwing your other teeth out of alignment by giving them an empty space to shift into

Changing the shape of your face and jaw by letting the muscles and surrounding tissues cave in

Making it hard to chew normally

Making it hard to speak correctly

A bridge can prevent these issues from developing by filling in the space left by your missing teeth and restoring normal functioning to your mouth, giving you a smile that works better and looks better.

How do I get a bridge?

The skilled team of dentists at Driggers & Baker Family Dentistry can restore your smile with a top-of-the-line bridge in two office visits.

At your first appointment, your dentist will prepare your two abutments (adjacent teeth) in order to make room for the crowns of the bridge. They then make an impression of your teeth that they send to a lab that will custom-design your bridge to fit in seamlessly and comfortably with the rest of your teeth. You’re sent home with a temporary bridge to wear until your permanent bridge is back from the lab.

You come back for your second appointment when your bridge is ready. Your dentist removes the temporary bridge, cleans your mouth, and places the permanent one. Once they’ve checked to make sure it fits your bite properly, they bond it with a cement (sealant), finalizing your radiant new smile!

To begin the process of improving your smile with a bridge, schedule an appointment today with Driggers & Baker Family Dentistry by calling the office at 979-345-5135


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